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Our initiative involves researchers from a multitude of fields: computer scientists, applied mathematicians, biostatisticians, public health professionals, epidemiologists, medical researchers, and other 'life scientists'. We are working together to build a common language among the various disciplines and to create novel analytical approaches and computational tools.

The Initiative offers training opportunities and hands-on experience in research and practical applications for an audience with wide range of professional backgrounds.

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Post-Doctoral Research Opportunities
Researchers who have recently obtained their degrees in some form of quantitative or applied field of biology, medicine, sociology, public health, mathematics or statistics are welcome to inquire about potential positions and opportunities for collaboration. It is especially important for these researchers to propose their own set of questions and to bring their unique expertise to the already established projects within the Initiative.

Student Opportunities
Occasionally student opportunities are available within the Initiative for the Forecasting and Modeling of Infectious Disease where students can gain vital career experience and contribute to our mission of improving the quality of bio-medical and public health research.

  • Graduate Students
    Graduate students with strong statistical or mathematical background can develop data analysis strategies using their experience in and knowledge of statistical principles. They manage and analyze large volumes of data using bio-statistical research methodologies, and provide suggestions to other members of the core research group on issues of statistical validity. The student has the understanding of research design issues and an expert understanding of the statistical techniques for dealing with various types of data; has a working knowledge of time series analysis.

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  • Undergraduate Students
    Undergraduates with a strong background in mathematics, biology, computer science or public health have the opportunity to work on independent, directed research projects and gain experience in the public health research process as a part of larger InForMID research initiatives. These projects may become part of an undergraduate research thesis or class. Apply to Tufts undergraduate program.
  • High School Students
    Qualified High School students are encouraged to take part in supervised entry-level research, performing literature searches, data entry and basic data analysis and presentation. During the course of the program, students conduct research under the supervision of a faculty mentor and present the results of their projects at a poster presentation at the end of the summer.

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